Below you can find links to a selection of my stories, features and articles.


‘French strike over pension reform set to disrupt travel and schools’. Guardian June 2010

‘Sarkozy to quiz Thierry Henry over French World Cup fiasco’. Guardian June 2010

‘Taxi for Les Bleus – Sarkozy fails to halt French revulsion’.Guardian June 2010

‘Descartes letter found by web surfer heads home to France’. Guardian June 2010

‘Rogue trader’ Jérôme Kerviel’s trial begins in Paris’. Guardian June 2010

‘Rogue trader Jerome Kerviel on trial over £4 billion loss’. Sunday Telegraph June 2010

‘Newly discovered photos reveal innocent Brigitte Bardot before her film fame’. Sunday Telegraph May 2010

‘Roman Polanski breaks silence on US extradition with 900-word open letter’. Guardian May 2010

‘Haunting film of Petit Prince author Saint-Exupéry for auction’. Guardian May 2010

‘Middle-class Muslims fuel French halal boom’. Guardian April 2010

‘Nicolas Sarkozy feels the wrath of French voters’. Guardian March 2010

‘Outsourcing threat to nuns’ holy industry’. Guardian March 2010

‘French nuclear reactor carries “Chernobyl” size risk’. Guardian March 2010

‘Cot death babies breakthrough’. Guardian March 2010

‘France issues citizen handbook to every child’. Guardian February 2010

‘Concorde crash trial’. Guardian February 2010

‘Witness reports ‘cast doubt’ on cause of Concorde crash’. Guardian January 2010

‘Man trapped in tunnel to sue Eurostar’. Sunday Telegraph January 2010

‘Niece of British MP admits stabbing lover while high on prescription drugs’. Guardian January 2010

‘Sarkozy’s UMP releases music video’. Sunday Telegraph December 2009

‘Jacques Chirac under investigation over corruption allegations’. Guardian December 2009

‘French man accused of abducting daughter’s alleged killer’. Guardian December 2009

‘Prices go through the roof as Parisian restaurant clears cellar space’. Guardian December 2009

‘Say cheese Mr Sarkozy you’re on the Simpsons’. Guardian. November 2009

‘Nicolas Sarkozy rewrites history with Facebook slip’. Guardian November 2009

‘Colombia hostage Betancourt freed’. The National.  July 2008

‘Sarkozy’s hero worship strikes Resistance’. Sunday Telegraph May 2007

‘Revolution: Red Square is up for sale’. Sunday Telegraph. November 2006

‘Duke goes downmarket in Paris – at cost of £35 million’. Guardian. December 2005

‘A sunny place for shady people but Monaco doesn’t want Mark Thatcher’. Guardian. December 2005

‘The outlook for France is like the sky…grey’. Guardian July 2005

‘Britain can’t deal with terrorism’. Telegraph. July 2005

’18-day-old baby girl latest victim of acid attack.’ Sunday Telegraph. March 2003

‘We’re definitely in Europe’, say Caribbean islanders. Sunday Telegraph. December 2001


‘The Sarkozy marriage they said wouldn’t last’. Sunday Telegraph. December 2009

‘French fashion designer accuses Chanel of copying one of her patterns’. Sunday Telegraph. November 2009

‘The bitter family battle for the L’Oréal billion’. Evening Standard. July 2009.

‘Clever Carla Bruni and the best friend who blew it all’. Evening Standard. July 2009.

‘How Nicolas Sarkozy’s father once lived rough in Paris’. Sunday Telegraph. April 2009.

‘In the heart of the banlieue’. The National. June 2008

‘Hollywood goes note to nose over French wine’s darkest moment.’ Guardian August 2007

‘Anglophones ‘need not apply’.’ Guardian August 2007

‘The Englishman who is leading the Tour de France’. Guardian July 2007

‘Cote d’Azur death of the lord who liked bats and brothels’. Guardian May 2007

‘Heading for a breakdown’. Guardian. March 2007

‘Decline and fall. Saddam’s Riviera villa rots. Guardian. January 2007

‘Selling out Sunday’. Guardian. July 2006

”I’ve never seen anything like it…We were lucky the others disappeared’.’ Guardian October 2005

‘A touch of the old magic’. Guardian. October 2004

‘An Englishman’s home is his chateau’. Sunday Telegraph. July 2004

‘Mustafa the swimming fridge smuggler, and his macabre pact’. Sunday Telegraph. November 2003

‘THE ACID GIRLS. We were beautiful…they made us freaks’. Sunday Mirror. December 2002

‘Take your parents out of the freezer and bury them, French court tells son. Sunday Telegraph. March 2002

‘The former British policeman who is the face of Bosnia’s missing’ Mail on Sunday March 2002

‘Mauritanians rue EU fish deal with a catch’. The Guardian. November 2001

‘Reliving the Concorde crash’. Evening Standard. August 2001

Why is the West letting the babies of Kosovo die? The Mail on Sunday January 2000

THE WAR CRIMINALS: Bosnian Serbs accused of torturing British Peacekeepers. Mail on Sunday June 1996

Excerpt from “Children of the Apocalypse,” by Kim Willsher Mail on Sunday November 1995

The Little Girl Who Died for Gold The Mail on Sunday, February 1995


‘She’ll always have Paris…’. Sunday Telegraph. May 2007

‘Is this the face of France’s first Madame la Présidente?’. Guardian. March 2006

‘Cantona in camera’. Sunday Telegraph. July 2004

‘My love for Carlos the Jackal’. Sunday Telegraph. March 2004

Out with the Lads? I’d Rather Play for Sheffield United, says Sean Bean The Mail on Sunday February 1996


‘World Cup 2010: France fearful there can be no bounty after the mutiny’. Guardian June 2010

‘Cocktails and French liberty don’t mix’.GuardianMay 2010

‘The French can teach us a thing or two about national pride’. Telegraph. February 2009.


‘A Parisian playground’. The National. July 2008

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