Warrior Patrol

Out on patrol with British forces, Central Bosnia 1993. Photo: Lynn Hilton

Kim has covered many of the most significant historic events of the last two decades: the fall of the Berlin Wall; the Romanian Revolution; the collapse of the Soviet Union and conflicts in the Balkans, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, the Congo, Chechnya and the Middle East. She was one of the first journalists to enter North Korea in the 1990s to report undercover on the hidden famine.

Specialising in the devastating effect of war on civilian populations and humanitarian issues, she has reported on acid attacks against women and girls in Bangladesh, the plight of white women farmers in Zimbabwe, the continuing effect of Agent Orange on children in Vietnam, child kidnappings in Asia, and people smuggling in Europe. She was instrumental in organising two campaigns that raised more than £250,000 to help Ukrainian children and adults suffering the effects of radiation fallout from Chernobyl.

Mother and Baby

Kim and daughter Mathilde

Since moving to France in 2000, Kim has worked as a correspondent for The Sunday Telegraph and The Guardian writing about people and events across Europe and the French-speaking world. She has obtained exclusive interviews with some of the influential people making the news. She also traveled to Mauritania to make a full-length documentary for Channel 4 on the calamitous effects of European Union fishing policy on the west coast of Africa. She commentates on the news on French radio and television and has lectured on journalism.

Kim works from Paris where she lives with her husband, stepdaughter and daughter. She is now writing two books and has a blog that takes a look at life, motherhood and her attempts to raise a bilingual child – in two of her favourite cities: London and Paris.

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